Please review the Information for Psychologist Applicants brochure or the Information for Psychological Technician Applicants brochure for information describing the application process, examination procedures, and general Board guidelines for the two (2) levels of licensure.

Application packages are mailed upon request from the Board office. When contacting the Board to request an Application package, please indicate whether you are seeking doctoral-level licensure (psychologist) or Master’s-level licensure (psychological technician) and be sure to provide your MAILING ADDRESS.

Current Application Fees - Due Upon Submission of the Application:

  • Psychologist Application Fee - $400.00
  • Psychological Technician Application Fee - $260.00

Please contact the Board Office if you have questions or need more information about the application and licensure process.

Information for Psychologist Applicants

Information for Psychological Technician Applicants